Surprisingly, approximately 70% of headaches are linked to tension in the neck and shoulder regions. Many individuals may not realize that osteopaths can effectively treat headaches and migraines, but in fact, a significant percentage of these headaches stem from musculoskeletal issues in the neck and upper back.
Often, people find themselves caught in a cycle of using painkillers and seeking consultations from both their general practitioner and specialists. However, the solution can sometimes be relatively straightforward, as exemplified by this typical testimonial from a lady in Kanata:
“I have been plagued by headaches for over two decades, and they have worsened progressively over time. The pain has intensified, and the frequency of headaches has increased to the point where some have resembled migraines. I used to experience at least a couple of migraines per week, with a persistent headache in between. Despite working part-time, I rarely took days off due to migraines, which were occasionally so severe that they would induce vomiting.”
“Over the years, I experimented with various medications, including beta-blockers, different triptans, and amitriptyline, and even faced a mild codeine addiction at one point. I underwent three rounds of physiotherapy and had a hormone profile coil fitted, exploring multiple avenues to find relief. Eventually, I began to suspect that the issue might be mechanical, related to my neck and shoulders and decided to take action. After just five osteopathy treatments, I now experience only a mild headache, and I’ve had just one migraine in the past five weeks.”

Osteopathic treatment offers a potential solution. Gentle massage targeting tense muscles and manipulative techniques to alleviate tension in the neck, thorax, and back can effectively reduce the muscular strain that often contributes to headaches. Additionally, osteopaths can provide guidance on exercise, recommend lifestyle adjustments, and offer advice on posture improvements during work or driving, all of which may contribute to headache relief.